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Internet music dealers currently sell "CD-Quality" tracks, or even better ("Studio-Master"), thanks to lossless audio coding formats (FLAC, ALAC). However, a lossless format does not guarantee that the audio content is what it seems to be. The audio signal may have been upscaled (increasing the resolution), upsampled (increasing the sampling rate) or even transcoded from a lossy to a lossless format. Lossless Audio Checker analyzes lossless audio tracks and detects upscaling, upsampling and transcoding.

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Personal Use Only: Redistribution for commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Platform GUI v2.0.7 (Regular users) CLI v2.0.5 (Power users)
Windows 64-bit 32-bit 64-bit 32-bit
macOS - 64-bit
Linux - - 64-bit 32-bit
Supported formats WAVE, FLAC WAVE
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